The Department of Civil Engineering Education and Planning, Faculty of Engineering, Yogyakarta State University (FT UNY) team became Cinnertion's Favorite Champion in the D'Village 10th Edition held by the Surabaya Institute of Technology (ITS) (02/06– 31/10/2021). The team consists of M. Fajar Amir (Civil Engineering Education and Planning), Novarida Nurul Sabrina (Applied Bachelor Civil Engineering Study Program), and Raden Rara Bintang Permata Hati (Civil Engineering Education and Planning Study Program) supervised by Qonaah Rizqi Fajriani, M.Eng.

They presented the idea of the use of rainwater and household wastewater to maintain and increase the potential of groundwater and surface water with case studies in Kulon Progo Regency. M. Fajar Amir, one of the team members explained that this concept adopted blue-green construction in which the utilization and management will be fully integrated. This research took place in Kulon Progo Regency.

Fajar explained that this innovation is motivated by the problems that arose in the provision and management of clean water and sanitation in Indonesia. "Rainwater here will be used to support basic and secondary water needs, such as cooking, drinking, washing, and sanitation so that the community can save the use of well water and PDAM," he said.

"Meanwhile, household wastewater can be used for tertiary needs, such as agriculture and fisheries, and as a support for environmental conservation for garden watering, hydroponics, and water," he said.

"Before being reused, household wastewater will go through an anaerobic filtration process and then streamed to a reservoir to be detoxified with a remediation technique that utilizes oil-breaking microbes. Water that has gone through the filtration process can be applied to plant watering, hydroponics, and water," he explained.

"Excess water will be channeled to the well to prevent flooding and made recharge yards so that water can seep into the ground as groundwater recharge," fajar explained.

"This innovation is expected to support the maintenance and protection of water resources on a regular basis to prevent environmental damage so as to create better conditions in the future," he explained. (hryo, Tj. Dev)

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