Japhet Ndayisenga opened Sports Massage and Therapy Ala UNY in Burundi

International Graduate of UNY

UNY is committed to opening access to quality education for prospective Indonesian students and prospective international students from low or lower-middle-income countries. Japhet Ndayisenga from Burundi is one such example.

Japhet is an undergraduate graduate of the University of Burundi. He decided to continue his Master's Degree in Sports Science at UNY in 2018 through the Developing Countries Partnership Scholarship (KNB) scheme. During his master's studies, he also participated in the student employment program. Japhet Ndayisenga completed his Masters's degree in 3 semesters and earned the Summacumlaude predicate. Japhet's success in achieving his master's degree at UNY continues with his desire to continue his doctoral degree in Sports Science at UNY in 2020.

The increasingly widespread Covid 19 pandemic forced Japhet to return to Burundi and continue his study at UNY online. While studying online, he faced three obstacles: the internet connection, which sometimes disconnected, power outages, and the difference in time zones between Indonesia and Burundi. Despite these difficulties, Japhet finally completed his doctoral studies in sports science in 2022 through a dissertation entitled "Development of Therapeutic Massage and Exercise Model for Back Musculoskeletal Disorders Rehabilitation."

Japhet not only graduated academically from the UNY doctoral program but also became a positive example of the application of science through the promotion and service of UNY-style sports massage and therapy at Clinique Prince Louis Rwagasore, Bujumbura, Burundi. Dr. Bonite Havyarimana said that the people of Burundi are fortunate with Dr. Japhet Ndayisenga 's knowledge of Sports Massage and Therapy. Many patients recovered and improved their fitness after taking this therapy. "The models developed include therapy, sports massage, exercise with bicycles, treadmills and makeshift equipment, even space for massages is sufficient on the floor with mats and curtains covering," he said, Monday (19 December 2022).( (Author : Dedy, Editor : Yuyun, Tj.Lak)

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