Indonesian President, Ir. H. Joko Widodo, gave opening remarks at 2016 National Conference of Indonesian Rectors Forum in Yogyakarta State University (YSU) Auditorium. As the keynote speaker, Jokowi conveyed and promoted Mental Revolution theme to support the creation of Golden Generation. Accompanying the President were Minister of Research and Higher Education, Prof. H Mohammad Nasir, Ph D., Ak.; Governor of Yogyakarta Special Region, Dr. (H) Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X, and the Chairman of FRI who is also YSU Rector, Prof. Dr. Rochmat Wahab, M. Pd., M.A.

In his speech, the President confirmed the role of universities in the global competition. Delivering speech in front of 414 Rectors around Indonesia, the President revealed a satire that universities must not be drowned into their own ‘fantasy’. Universities are challenged to publicly share and disseminate their research results to apply in the community. This affirms the demands of global competition in the world economy. Universities are expected to provide input on whether Indonesia could join in a particular economic bloc.

"I now have yet to decide whether to join the European, American or Chinese economic community. This should be taken into account, both benefits and losses. I ask for input from public in universities to give me a recommendation "states Jokowi.
Jokowi also delivered diverse problems that hinder mental revolution. One of them is the convoluted rules. In relation to this, the President also challenged the Ministers in his Cabinet, especially the Minister of Home Affairs, to more quickly resolve local regulations which inhibit the industry growth.

Jokowi expressed his wishes to universities, especially students, to increase self capacity for the sake of global competition. This was revealed in a visit to the exhibition stand of Garuda UNY electric car. The Garuda electric car team told brief description of international achievements of in Korea and Japan. Listening to the explanation, Jokowi smiled and nodded his head, while saying, "Yes, I also read about this achievement" (Rachmat NC).

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