Kamasetra,  one of UNY Student Activity Units, released an audio drama entitled Salah Kaprah (common mistake that is naturally done by many). The audio drama was released in two parts, the first part was released on December 6, 2020 while the second part was released on December 12, 2020. The audio drama was uploaded to Kamasetra UNY's Youtube and Instagram accounts and available for public to enjoy.

The audio drama script Salah Kaprah was written by Nanda and Pancar. Salah Kaprah took the setting of wide spreading pandemic hoax in a community. The audio drama is also part of work testing for student who join Kamasetra’s theater section.

Pancar, the script writer and producer, said that this is the first time that Kamasetra has produced an audio drama. “Due to covid-19 pandemic, we consider options on how will we perform. Many has chosen to have virtual live streaming, but we decided to try making an audio drama,” Pancar said.

According to Pancar, the concept of audio drama conducted by UKM Kamasetra is not like the audio drama / radio drama of the 90s. The current audio drama, which is also performed by UKM Kamasetra, has gone through the editing process. "We recorded it first and then distributed it. It uses the editing process and so on. It's not like the radio dramas of the 90s, which were straightforward, "he said.

The result of the audio drama is only in the form of sound, so it does not include the visuals of the actors' movements. Motion then becomes something that is lost or eliminated in the audio drama. However, Pancar said that during the recording process, the actors continued to move as a form of act.

"Element of motion, if it fits the recording there. Just not recorded visually. Even though [only in the form of] sound, we still have movement as a form of soul. " he explained.

As with motion, light settings and properties are also removed. "For property, we only use equipment, glasses for example, but we only take the sound. We set the sound in real-time, for example when pouring water. We pick this method to avoid difficulty on editing process, "Pancar explained.

"Another challenge in audio dramas is the" cut ".  It has to be an accurate play during the recording.  You can't improve it too far,” he added.

"For those who work in the midst of a pandemic, don't stop your work. We must use what we can do for our next performance,” he concluded. (Nursaid, Tj.Lak)

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