Karangasem Education Office, Bali Visited Yogyakarta State University

Karangasem Education Office, Bali Visited Yogyakarta State University

The representations of Education Office of Karangasem, led by I Gede Aryana as the head of Education Office, visited Yogyakarta State University on Monday, March 25th 2015 to monitor the study progress of students enrolled in the collaboration program between Karangasem Regional Government and YSU.
In this meeting, the plan for a student selection scheme in collaboration with Karangasem Education Office was also discussed.

They were welcomed by Dr.-Ing. Satoto E. Nayono, M.Eng. M.Sc., the Director of Office of International Affairs and Partnership of YSU in the Senate Room, YSU Main Building.

Currently, ten students are receiving tuition fee scholarship from the Karangasem Regional Government. The government plans to enhance the scholarship to be a full scholarship in the next academic year.

“YSU needs suggestions from Karangasem Education Office to evaluate the students’ study progress and the follow-up agenda,” Dr.-Ing. Satoto E. Nayono, M.Eng., M.Sc., said.

“The Karangasem government is promoting a program called 1 vocational school for 1 district program. Therefore, we need qualified human resources to teach the students there. After a regional selection, a number of awardees will sign a contract stating that they are willing to work as vocational education teachers in the region after completing their studies,” I Gede Aryana said.

Later on, the visit will be followed up by two next agendas, i.e. an information sessin on the regional student selection to Karangasem senior and vocational highschool students and the selection for prospective students for the 2015/2016 academic year.

“The competition among prospective students gets tougher from time to time. It can be shown from 1 to 100 comparison in certain study programs. The cooperation will help approximately 200-300 prospective students who are not able to join the selection in Yogyakarta,” Dr. Paidi, M.Si., Expert Staff to the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs said.

In this opportunity, students receiving the scholarship were given a chance to give their testimony. One of them is Agung Wahyu, the student of Mechanical Engineering Education, who plans to attend Professional Teacher Education Program in YSU. (Yuliana)

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