KNB Students of YSU to Learn Indonesian Culture through Javanes Shadow Puppet


Javanese shadow puppet (wayang kulit) is an original culturl of Indonesia, especially Java and Bali. It has been admitted by UNESCO on July 7, 2003 and famous globally.

Therefore, the students of KNB (Developing Countries Partnership Scholarship) watched a shadow puppet show at Palbapang, Bantul, Saturday (1/8/2015). The shadow puppet show was played by puppet master Ki Seno Nugrono with the theme “Semar Dadi Ratu. Also, they watched the beautiful movement of puppet and traditional javanese song accompanied by traditional javanese instrument (gamelan).

At “Limbukan” session, the puppet master and singer communicated with the students. It triggered the attention of the audiences. The students were asked by Nyi Limbuk about their countries, study programs they took. The accent of the students when they spoke Javanes raised laugh of the audiences.

“The song is so beautiful,” said Felestin, the KNB students from Madagaskar.

This activity is hoped to provide new experience for the KNB students about Indonesian culture especially shadow puppet. (Adhi Sumantri)


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