The Business Incubator, Patent, and IPR  team held a comparative study at the Science Techno Park, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) on November 30, 2021. The UNY team was represented by Prof. Siti Irene (Secretary of LPPM), Prof. Eli Rohaeti (Chairman of the UNY IPR Team), and other members. Dr. Tri Pratono received the UNY delegation at Science Techno Park of Bogor Agricultural University in the courtroom of the IPB campus.

"This visit aims to add insight into the management of Patents and Intellectual Property Rights on the IPB campus so that it can be transmitted to UNY in order to increase patent and copyright registrants further," said Prof. Eli Rohaeti.

Tri Pratono, M.Sc, Deputy Head of the Institute of Science and Technology of IPB,  explained that STP IPB is an integrated area managed professionally for the development of innovation, business incubation, and technology transfer in order to encourage sustainable economic growth. This is in line with the vision of STP IPB to become a Science Techno Park that excels in the fields of Tropical Agriculture, Food, Bioscience, and Marine Affairs in Southeast Asia.

STP IPB has an incubation program for tropical agriculture, food, bioscience, and marine affairs startups. This institution also provides facilities in business spaces, co-working spaces, ecosystems, and networks that support tenant business development. Interestingly, STP IPB also provides services for industries that wish to conduct pilot plant-scale laboratory testing, research analysis, and product development. In addition to discussing, the UNY team also had the opportunity to visit the tenant room at STP IPB ((Heri – Humas LPPM, Tj.Lak)

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