Learning Bird and Nature Conservation through Birdwatching for Kids

Learning Bird and Nature Conservation through Birdwatching for Kids

Conservation is defined through theories but actions are far more needed than mere definitions. To realize their program, Bionic Group of YSU held a program called Bird Watching for Kids.
Bird Watching for Kids is usually held during the students’ community service program. This time Febrina Suci Wulandari led her team to organize the activity for the pupils. The participants are elementary school students. One of the activities for Bird Watching Program has been held recently in Kampung Dukuh, Imogiri, Bantul, Yogyakarta. 20 pupils participated in the program on Monday, July 13th 2015 from 7 am to 10 am. This group of pupils were divided into smaller groups with 2 guides for each group.
Starting the program, the Bionic Group taught the students to use binoculars. One by one, the students tried to use their binoculars. “Wah, it looks big and near. Try it, what do you think?” said one of the pupils. The pupil seemed enthusiastic to join the program.
“The birdwatching location covers paddy fields and river bank, this one is Opak river. The pupils observed birds including Javan Munia, Javan Pond-heron, Little egret, Olive-backed sun bird, scarlet-headed flowerpecker, and blue-eared kingfisher,” the team leader said.
After the observation, the pupils joined a discussion on the species the observed, bird morphology, and birds activities they observed. The Bionic Group also explained the functions of the species in the nature and the functions of beak morphology, such as the function of long and curving beak for olive-backed sun bird. The team also invited the students to explore their opinions if those birds did not exist in nature.
This program is to introduce pupils to bird species and their habitats as well as to engage them in nature and bird conservation.

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