After getting the power of "sangkan paraning dumadi," the Werkudara as the Holy Bima would like to practise it by building a residence at Hargokelasa in Umbul Jalatunda. However, his good intention to educate the community into a cautious, intelligent and noble character was responded negatively by Prabu Duryudana. Bima was accused for carrying out a coup. Therefore, Kurawa assisted by Prabu Karungkala wanted to thwart the teaching activities in the residence. Thanks to the students’ persistence in seeking knowledge, the bad efforts made by Kurawa were thwarted. Bima then reincarnated to become the true teacher to educate society and build harmonic environment.

That is the synopsis of the shadow puppet play by Ki H. Anom Suroto and Ki Bayu Aji Pamungkas entitled "The True Teacher: The Holy Bima". The show was a series of 5th Anniversary of Yogyakarta State University (YSU) on Friday (13/5/2016)in the Rectorate Hall. Together with the puppet show was performance from Dalijo and his partners.

Prof. Dr. Rochmat Wahab, M. Pd., MA as the Rector of YSU delivered his speech that in this leather puppet show, there would be the announcement for winners of a Young Puppeteer Festival VI. "In addition to preserving wayang kulit (leather puppet), this performance could also be a means of character education" He assured. "Puppet is also the local wisdom of Indonesia that can go international". The theme of the puppet show suited the theme of the anniversary, namely the embodiment of YSU in character education. The Dean of Faculty of Social Science, Prof. Ajat Sudrajat as the PIC of the whole anniversary expected that this leather puppet show is not simply as a spectacle but also can be guidance and useful for the community.

The event was opened with puppet submission to Ki H. Anom Suroto and Ki Bayu Pamungkas Aji by Prof. Dr. Rochmat Wahab. Attending the puppet show was the University officials, students, professors, and the general public. (dedy)

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