Michigan State University Visit to Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta


A delegation from Michigan State University (MSU) visited Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (UNY) on Friday (24/3). This activity was carried out to establish cooperation in various fields. The MSU delegation consisted of The Office of International Studies in Education as Curriculum Coordinator with the Global Education Engagement Program Samantha Caughlan, Ph.D, The head of Chinese Teacher Certification Program Nancy Romig, Ph.D, the Director of the MSU Teacher Preparation Program Gail Richmond, Ph.D and the Coordinator of Global Education Cohort Alyssa Morley, Ph.D. From UNY, members of the Rector's Meeting, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Head of the International Office, Vice Dean of Academic, Student Affairs and Alumni, Vice Dean of RKSIU and Directors were present.

In his speech, Rector of UNY Prof. Sumaryanto said that this visit is one part of the transfer of UNY from PTN BLU to PTN BH where international cooperation must be enhanced, including with several universities in the USA. "This is the time for UNY to increase cooperation in the fields of research, education, joint publication, joint curriculum, double degree and so on," said the Rector. The UNY Board of Trustees Chairman, Prof. Suyanto, welcomed the MSU delegation. Suyanto was an alumnus of MSU in 1986. "The arrival of the MSU delegation is at the right time because in 2045, Indonesia is predicted to enter the top 5 in the world," said Suyanto. The program brought by MSU is very appropriate for cooperating in various fields with UNY. Suyanto informed that universities are divided into 3 clusters where UNY is now a PTN BH, which is free to manage its own household. Therefore, the arrival of MSU is vital to fill the goals towards a world-class university in the next 5 or 10 years.

Samantha Caughlan, in her speech, explained that her visit was to collaborate, as well as in student exchange, because, at this time, MSU also has doctoral study program students. "With UNY, we can explore better cooperation in the future. We come in fours, ready to listen and think together, and will develop," said Caughlan.

The MSU delegation visited several teacher education classes and discussed their learning and teaching experiences with lecturers and students, especially about the concept of K-12 learning. In Indonesia, it is often referred to as 'grades 1-12' for primary to secondary education; in the United States, they usually call it K1 - 12 for primary education. Elementary Schools up to K-5, Middle Schools K6 to K8 and High Schools from K-9 to K-12. Elementary School up to K-6, Middle School from K-7 to K-9, or Elementary School up to K-8, and High School from K-9 to K-12. The visit ended with a discussion forum with lecturers in the field of teacher education related to Literacy, Numeracy, Science and Globalization from FIPP, FBSB, FMIPA, FT, Faculty of Vocational Studies, Director of Research and Community Service, Director of Cooperation, Information Systems, Innovation, and Business and Director of the Directorate of Professional Education and Competence. (Author: Dedy, Editor: Sudaryono, Tj.Lak)

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