Miesi, Healthy Noodles for Diabetics


Cassava peel is usually a waste that is rarely processed. To encourage the utilization of cassava peel waste, a team of UNY students consisting of Widakdo (Biology), Rahayu Iswanti (Chemistry), Vina Marfu'ah (Sociological Education), Wahyu Karunia Putra (Mechanical Engineering Education), and Silviani Dian Aisya (Accounting) initiated the manufacture of "Miesi", healthy noodles from cassava peel.

"We will process this cassava noodle with several variants, such as fried noodles or boiled noodles with a spicy taste," said Widakdo. The team hopes Miesi can become the first healthy spicy noodles in Indonesia, made from processed cassava peels. Miesi is also part of commitment to environmental preservation from a bio-business perspective. Rahayu Iswanti added that these noodles are made from processed cassava peels to minimize waste. "Initially, we processed the cassava peel into flour, then we made it into noodles," said Rahayu. This cassava flour is called mocaf flour, which has a reasonably high carbohydrate value and is suitable for autistic people allergic to gluten. Mocaf flour does not contain gluten. So, Miesi is safe for consumption for those with autism or diabetes.

Wahyu Kurnia Putra said that making Miesi begins with processing cassava peels into flour. One kilogram of cassava flour is mixed with 10 grams of salt and three egg yolks. The dough is then steamed for 25 minutes, goes into the extruder, and is finally ready to be cooked.

As supervisor, Agus Basuki, M.Pd., said this activity would nurture entrepreneurship students. Hopefully, it will encourage creativity in utilizing waste to have high economic value. "We hope that the products they make will be well accepted by the community and stimulate students' enthusiasm for entrepreneurship," said Agus Basuki. The plan is to open a spicy noodle shop made from cassava skin in Bantul. This activity is part of the Student Entrepreneurial Program (PMW). Participants receive entrepreneurship education and training, SME visits, financial support, and business assistance (Dedy, Tj.Lak)

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