Millennial is getting used to using the various digital wallet in a shopping center or online store. The reason is simple: easy and beneficial because of the cashback. These facilities and advantages in using digital wallets inspire UNY to provide digital-based tuition payment. Therefore, in collaboration with E-Channel BTN, UNY tuition for 2020/2021 is official can be done through Tokopedia. Just in one click then pay using OVO balance or any other methods, the tuition can be done quickly. “With ‘a little’ clicks in the application, the students now can finish the payment easily and quickly, even you’re in a nap, the payment is done,” joked Prof. Sutrisna Wibawa, on UNY press published on Tuesday (18/02).

Get the Cashback!

Sutrisna added, the students, at certain times can get a cashback. The cashback is provided by Tokopedia or OVO as one of the payment features. “The benefit gotten for the students from this payment is a cashback in certain periods based on the promos. So the university gets the full payment but there is also subvention from Tokopedia and OVO which can help the students in certain promos.”

Donnie Iskandar, Branch Manager of BTN Bank Yogyakarta said that the use of Tokopedia and OVO to pay the tuition is done as providing payment channels for the students. Beside OVO, BTN with Tokopedia is also providing payment options using any other banks, credit cards, and even Alfamart and Indomart. “For sure, It helps the student as a millennial to pay as well as increase the UNY image brand as a university that supports the digitalization,” said Donnie. Later, the payment comes through that various features will be managed by the university through BTN Bank. The safety of the payment is guaranteed because BTN Bank is one of the trusted Stated Owned Corporation (BUMN) Bank by Non – tax Revenue (PNBP) in many state universities.

Connect with OVO Balance Directly

The payment ways using Tokopedia and OVO, as explained by Sutrisna is not difficult. “The users can log in Tokopedia through the application or website. Once your Tokopedia is connected with OVO, your OVO balance will be reduced automatically and the payment succeeded” end Sutrisna. (Ilham Dary A;Tj.Lalak)

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