Drs. Abdul Halim Iskandar, M.Pd as the Village Minister and Chairperson UNY Advisory Council, attended the Dialogue with Representatives of the Village Heads of Gunungkidul and the Visit of the UNY Development Project of the Gunungkidul Campus on Saturday (6/27) afternoon.

Abdul Halim revealed that this agenda would introduce the university collaboration with village development. Moreover, the village is the spearhead of the administration of government because it is in direct contact with the community. So with this collaboration, the campus can strengthen human resource as well as the use of technology in the village.

"The ultimate goal is that the campus can help with village development. Now is the time to think of the village through the Village Campus program. The Village Campus program must be implemented nationally," Abdul Halim said.
Village campus is a program where universities are present both physically and mentoring the village. So far, the activities of the village campus have actually taken place through Community Service programs such as Community Service Program (KKN), PLP (School Field Introduction), and PPM (Community Service Program).

"I want the campus to be really present in the village, to provide academic theory for the village head, and later the village head will be given a diploma or bachelor degree. The Rector (Prof. Sutrisna Wibawa) mentioned earlier, the system is called Advanced Learning Recognition. Because this headman is actually capable and in reality "really practice the science of government and leadership," said Abdul Halim.

Technical matters such as village fund management can also be helped by the presence of lecturers and students from tertiary institutions, because they can provide input in development planning meetings to administrative needs.
The flexibility of the lecture system that has been formulated by the Ministry of Education and Culture, which is three semesters off campus, supports this program. Because the campus community with their knowledge and technological capabilities, can be empowered to develop villages. The Ministry of Villages in collaboration with the campus will assist in the policy level for implementing the agenda.

"I hope that the campus will continue to be present for the village. The main objective is to learn from real life in the community, while at the same time contributing to village development, using experience and expertise as part of academic community," Halim added.

Participate In Accompanying Village Needs

Prof. Sutridsna Wibawa as the Rector and host of the dialogue activity, stated that UNY is ready to support the program. The minister's vision, according to him, was in line with what was pioneered by UNY in building a campus in Gunungkidul.

Moreover, the existence of the campus as a "magnet" for development is not new. Bulaksumur where UGM stands or Depok which is now the location of the UI campus also used to be empty land that was still quiet. Once there is a campus, its development has become so rapid.

"With the construction of the UNY campus, we have launched Gunungkidul as a satellite city of Jogja. The new city, which will become the second student city in Yogyakarta after Jogja, is a magnet for investment and economic activity. I’ve heard that UPN “Veteran” Yogyakarta will also participate in building a campus here. It will be very useful, especially UPN has majoring in animal husbandry, agriculture, and mining, "said Sutrisna.

Implement Health Protocols Strictly

The Dialogue of the PDTT Village Minister is accompanied by strict health protocols. Among them: participants always wear masks, wash their hands and measure their body temperature using an infrared thermometer before entering the activity area, as well as setting the activities, dining room, serving food in accordance with COVID 19 prevention standards, with a minimum of 1.5 meter seat between participants .

"This event has been coordinated and notified to the Chairperson of the Gunungkidul District COVID-19 Task Force, as well as in the notification of activities and requests for security assistance to the Gunungkidul Police Chief, Semanu Police Chief, Karangmojo Police Chief, and Tepus Police Chief," Sutrisna added. (Ilham Dary A, Tj.Lak)

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