I Gde Ariyasa, the head of the Office of education of Karangasem, Bali, accompanied by the Secretary of the Department, head of finance, and the staff of the Office of Karangasem just carry out visits to monitor the academic close to the shoreline and UNY student cooperation. The activities carried out on Wednesday (23/12/2015) and welcomed in the West, moved into the Senate Chamber UNY. The visit was received by Sri Wahyuniati Dawn ch., s. Pd., d. Or. as the head of the domestic Partnership and Ratna Budiarti, d. Or. as Secretary of the field of Domestic Partnerships, Office of International Affairs and partnerships (KUIK) UNY.

The event begins with a brief welcome from I Gde Ariyasa. "Our goal coming here was to visit our students, then we proceed to visit the UNY" says he. He requires that her and her Entourage from Dinas Karangasem, Bali and want to know the extent to which the development of students ' academic co-operation origin of Karangasem.

Dawn Sri Wahyuniati confirms the commitment of the UNY in improving the quality and quantity of student cooperation. "We will improve the facilities at UNY, but we also plead for mutual reminding. We also asked the Agency to conduct regular monitoring, "he said.

AJI Abdussalim, s. Pd, Domestic Partnership field staff were present in the agenda mentions, "students are already quite active both in academic activities as well as nonakademis. One of them, namely their participation in the event Global Culture Festival in 2015, in which they participate representing Bali, especially of Karangasem Regency. "

At the end of the show, Dawn Sri Wahyuni reminded that there is a period of study that students should look for cooperation. The hope, a student can graduate on time. He also suggested, in completing the final project as a graduation requirement, students can search the right thesis supervisor. (Wulan)

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