Along with the discharge of SM3T students (Bachelor of Teaching in the Regional Frontier, Outermost, and Deprived), Yogyakarta State University (YSU) and the Air Force Academy (AAU) signed a memorandum of understanding held at Sasana Krida Field of the Air Force Academy, Wednesday (08/31/2016). The agreement was signed by the Governor of the AAU, the Young Marshal Iman Sudrajat, S.E, and Vice Rector I of YSU Drs. Wardan Suyanto, M.A., Ed.D.

In his speech, the Governor of AAU stated that the cooperation between YSU and AAU has started since 2009 and will be expanded again to include the field of research and characters teaching. He argued that the Air Force Academy must open themselves to work together with other institutions as cadet-midshipmen who had been educated in AAU already held a vocational undergraduate degree as a consequence.

At the same occasion, The Vice Rector 1 of YSU, Drs. Wardan Suyanto, M.A., Ed.D. expressed his gratitude for the assistance provided by the AAU in facilitating the preparation of students SM3T which lasted for approximately 2 weeks.

 ”AAU has done preconditions and guidance to the SM3T bachelors, and thanks to the guidance of AAU our children became one of the best in SM3T. Characters of discipline and well-timed are very implanted here. One of the keys to success for the SM3T bachelors in the field is to respect local wisdom, even SM3T participants in Malinao were trusted by the residents to take care a sacred tree in the area. YSU’s SM3T are always accepted by society. "said The Vice Rector 1.

The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding was followed by a token exchange and a press conference where the AAU Governor and The Vice Rector answered the questions of the journalists. In the conference, the governor expressed that the AAU pillars that must be built and emphasized to the participants among other SM3T are mentality, nationalism and the field leadership. "Thank God, the participants of SM3T have proven not only to be a teacher, but also a problem solver" said Young Marshal Iman Sudrajat, S.E

The Vice Rector 1 revealed that the cooperation that has been implemented is about PEKERTI and Applied Approach coordinated by LPPMP of YSU and SM3T Preparatory Activities coordinated by Academic Affairs. "The strategic plan is the future research involving both institutions." He concluded. (andre)

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