To enhance partnership relations in the framework of institutional development by utilizing the resources related to the field of the Three Pillars of Higher Education and the empowerment of human resources, the Indonesia Defence University in cooperation with the Yogyakarta State University. The cooperation is applied in the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the two sides that was held in the Meeting Room of the Senate, the Office of the Rector of Yogyakarta State University (23/2). The MoU signing was done by the Rector of YSU, Prof. Dr. Rochmat Wahab, M.Pd., MA and Rector of the Indonesia Defense University, Lieutenant General Wayan Midhio, M.Phil witnessed by the vice-rectors and structural officials from both universities.

On that occasion, the Rector of IDU stated that IDU is the first Defense University in Indonesia and only offers Graduate programs. "Intake or applicants are civil and military, so we are open to all elements of society and all courses are full scholarship." IDU was formed at the initiative of Susilo Bambang Yudhono as President of the period 2009 - 2014 who saw the need for a "defense university" in 2009, then IDU was formed. "The featured study programs are universal war strategy and asymmetric warfare." "IDU already followed the footsteps of YSU and this year ISU already obtained A accreditation as well." Said the Rector of IDU.

Prof. Dr. Rochmat Wahab, M.Pd., MA found that IDU’s development is very rapid in the last 2 years. YSU is ready to facilitate Program Improvement of Basic Skills Instructional Techniques (PEKERTI) for lecturers at IDU and Applied Approach program (AA) to senior lecturer, the two training programs can be utilized in order to improve the professional competence of the faculty before taking functional office position, especially in improving the pedagogical skills ,

The signing of the memorandum of understanding concluded with the exchange of souvenirs between YSU and IDU (andre).

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