Elementary school students need varied learning media to understand lesson better. Salsabila Putri Isnaeni, Hanin Nur Nadiyah, Bintang Rahma Yudha Gatot and Lilik Windayani are students from Elementary School Education Study Program UNY who develop "Multilevel Snake Cake" to teach students the rights and obligations of students in their daily lives.

"This media is developed with a new look compared with the conventional snake board games.  It is in the form of a three-dimensional ladder snake cake. Hopefully, it can add attraction in learning the rights and obligations of students towards the use of energy in daily life," said Salsabila Putri Isnaeni.

Hanin Nur Nadiyah added, this media was modified for the learning activities of students' rights and obligations towards the use of energy in daily life contained in the fourth semester curriculum in the first semester with the theme 'Always Save Energy'.

"This media is made of cardboard," Bintang Rahma Yudha Gatot said. To make it, you will need three patterns of different sizes to be used as a base then cut, then make a wall as a barrier for each layer by adjusting the circumference of the pattern that has been made. Attach the wall to each pattern. Arrange the terraced ladder area from the largest to the smallest so that it resembles a cake and is colored. Then make point numbers from 1 to 50 paper with 2 colors. Color to differentiate even and odd numbers. Make a black rectangular pattern to connect the numbers, also made a small tube as high as the size of the wall area of the snake ladder, to connect the bottom layer and top layer using cardboard. Paste the numbers by sorting from the smallest to the largest numbers and pasting the black rectangle pattern on each layer of the stairs. Then, make 3 stairs of ice cream sticks with different heights and the shape of snakes totaling 3 tails of different lengths. Stick the ladder and snake on the desired layer. The last step, make a small triangular flag with a pole and stick it on the last number as a sign of the finish.

Lilik Windayani said that the game play actually similar with conventional snake and ladders game board. First the player rolls the dice and is given the chance to draw cards at each point. The player follows the command on the card provided. If the player cannot carry out the necessary player is not allowed to play one round. The rest plays like a snake and ladder in general, if you meet a ladder the player has the right to go up and when you meet a snake you have to go down. "The strength of this media is that it attracts students 'attention in three dimensions, helps students understand the material, exercise students' cognitive skills when faced with challenges and is environmentally friendly," Lilik said. (Dedy; Tj.lak)

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