The Multipurpose Laptop Bag


YSU students created Laptop Bag for Us (Laptop BagUs), its abbreviation is equal to Indonesian for ‘nice bag’, as a multipurpose laptop bag. The bag was designed to be multipuropose and practical as well.

“The product is designed to have a cooling pad, table legs and multifunctional pockets. The bag is also designed to be comfortable to carry,” Nova Wahid Nugroho,  one of the creator, explained. The bag has a function as a laptop table so that the owner can use his laptop in the park or no-table-available places. To pack the table, the owner just needs to fold the legs so that it becomes a bag again.

 The creative team’s members were Nova Wahid Nugroho, Suciningtyas Purbasari, Astri Nofita Sari, Purwoko Haryadi and Pramudito Ambar Kantiono.

They market Laptop BagUs by offering  free color choices, free postage, 1 year guarantee and the service for cash payment and delivery. They promote their product online on www.facebook/laptopbagusuny. (Febi)

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