In collaboration with the International Office of UNY, New Zealand Education held an info session of education and scholarship titled “Study, Live and Work in New Zealand” in the main assembly room, Rectors Building, on Wednesday, February 12, 2020.

Adi Cilik Pierewan, Expert Staff for International Affairs of UNY said that the event is set to give information for everyone who wants to continue their study abroad. “This is important for final semester students in Yogyakarta, especially in UNY as part of their preparation for future higher education application.”

The three speakers who introduced this education and scholarship are Naluri Bella Wati from Education New Zealand, Muhammad Abdul Hakim from Massey University, and Radyan Dananjoyo from Auckland Technology University.

Naluri said that study in New Zealand is a promising option. New Zealand is a developed country with a good educational system. Its university graduate has been known for their productive works and easily grab a place on the workplace market. Furthermore, New Zealand also has a high tolerance to the minority, including Moslem.

Muhammad Abdul Hakim shared important step on applying scholarship in New Zealand. “You will need to have a strong portfolio with interesting and original proposal to ensure better chance to get the scholarship,” Hakim added that the key to success to finish the study in New Zealand is a good relationship with the supervisor. “Especially for the level of Doctoral or Ph.D., there will be no classes for the Ph.D. program so you will have less meeting chance with the professors”.

The last speaker, Radyan Dananjoyo gave tips for studying while working in New Zealand. “There is a lot of full-time and informal part-time job for the students”. He believes that if there is a will for the student to consistently continue their study in New Zealand, even though it is not fully funded, the student can do the freelance to cover living cost abroad. (Muhammad Abdul Hadi/JK,Tj. Lalak)

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