Novi Dwi Astuti Never Gives Up on a Better Future


Novi Dwi Astuti proves that the spirit of never giving up is the key to success. The second daughter of the Gitono and Sartiyah, who work as construction workers and farm laborers, graduated from Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta (UNY) with a GPA of 3.88 and a study period of 3.5 years. Gitono said that since childhood Novi had never asked her parents for pocket money. "I support her to continue her education, but I don't have the money. Thank God, she got a bidikmisi scholarship at UNY," " said Gitono.

Sartiyah said that after graduating from junior high school, it was almost impossible for Novi to continue her studies in high school because of the lack of funds. Fortunately, a neighbor who happened to be a teacher at a high school in Bantul was willing to pay for her schooling. Finally Novi can study at SMAN 2 Bantul. Because of her achievements, she could enter the Special Smart Class at her school, so she was free from the obligation to pay tuition fees. However, after graduating from high school, Novi could barely continue her studies at university due to a lack of funds. Novi even had time to be a shop assistant. Fortunately, Novi was accepted into the UNY Elementary School Teacher Education study program using the Bidikmisi scholarship so that she is free of tuition fees and gets monthly pocket money.

Novi's effort to become a teacher is also not easy. “In January 2019, I underwent a thesis examination. But for some reason, I could not attend the graduation in February. So finally, I tried to apply to become a community service teacher in 15 schools in my sub-district,” said Novi in the interview on 1 August 2022. Never getting a call, Novi was finally accepted as a special assistant teacher at an inclusive elementary school in Bantul. Finally, after two weeks as an assistant teacher, SDN Tegalsari called and assigned her to look after the library while waiting for a teacher to retire in September.
In November 2019, the government opened the registration for civil servant teachers. “Ultimately, I chose the school where I served, SDN Tegalsari,” she said. Gitono and Sartiyah were in tears knowing their daughter was competing with 11 candidates on the last test stage. "Their prayer and blessings have supported me greatly. I got a score of 377, and thank God I got first place,” said Novi remembering her past.

As a civil servant teacher candidate, Novi must complete several requirements. She had to complete a training program in 2021. Then finally, in March 2022, she has officially appointed as a full civil servant teacher in SDN Tegalsari. Even so, Novi still has hope that she can continue her study in Masters of Elementary School. (Dedy, Tj.lak)

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