The Office of International Affairs and Partnerships (OIAP), Yogyakarta State University (YSU) again held selection of tutors for Indonesian for Non-native Speakers (INS) program. Unlike the other previous selections, this current selection is intended to look for Javanese language and culture tutors. This is a new, official program, included in a series of INS programs. Yansri Widayanti, S.Pd from Secretariat Division of OIAP revealed, “Initially, if international students want to learn Javanese, they must join classes of Javanese Education Department that are hard to understand because the lecture is delivered in full Javanese”.

Due to this problem, OIAP initiates to open Javanese Language and Culture class as part of INS programs. The class would be an elective course for international students attending INS, particularly those joining sit-in program. The lecture will be given in Indonesian and simple Javanese to facilitate those students to learn Javanese more easily.

The selection took place in A Class Room (19/2/20160. Four judges namely Yansri Widayanti, S. Pd, Fitri Alfarisy, S.Pd, Yusi Nurcahya Dewi, S.S, and Diana Prastiwi to recruit the best tutors. There were 6 students of Javanese Education YSU who followed this ‘audition’. “From those 6 students, there would be 2 two eligible to be INS tutors,” says Fitri Alfarisy, S.Pd as INS coordinator.

Each candidate went through several tests, including interview. First, they had to do micro teaching in front of the judges. Then, the judges interviewed them and addressed several questions. The questions were mostly about reasons and commitment to become tutors. Yusi Nurcahya Dewi, S.S, as Javanese Literature graduate from Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta and staff person of Domestic Affairs OIAP suggested “It needs good understanding regarding Javanese language and culture in order to deliver the materials smoothly in the class.”

Maya Amelia, one of the participants expressed her interest to join the ‘audition’. She added, “Becoming a tutor for international students could challenge myself because I want to be a teacher in the days to come”. (Wulan)

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