It has been almost a year since the arrival of the Darmasiswa students in Yogyakarta State University (YSU). During the one-year time, the students, consisting of 18 persons, have learned the Indonesian language and culture. After adequately mastering the material, they are allowed to return to their home countries. The students come from various countries in Asia, such as Thailand, Japan, and Korea, and some from Europe and America continents, such as Poland, Mexico, United States, and Ukraine.

That is why, on Friday (10/6/2016), The Office of International Affairs and Partnership (OIAP) YSU held a farewell party with the Darmasiswa students at Crystal Lotus hotel, Yogyakarta. The event also was integrated with iftar (breaking the fast) of all staffs of OIAP and the vice rector IV division.

The event was opened with a speech from Dr.rer.nat Senam as the Vice Rector IV of YSU who handles the international affairs. With a humorous tone, he lightly said “Do all of you know Barack Obama? He stayed here only for 2 years, and he became the President of the United States. It is hoped that, all of you who stayed here for one of two years will have the same achievement as Barack Obama.”

In the same occasion, Irina from Rusia was allowed to give a testimony on the Darmasiswa program, “I am so blessed to be able to learn Indonesian language and culture, here at YSU, because I heard from the other friends who learn at other universities, and I compared it with them, it turned out that YSU is the best,” she said. It was not only Irina who was impressed with YSU, Murat, a Turkmenistan student even expressed his desire to take the undergraduate program in YSU after finishing this program.

After the testimonial speech, the event was continued with the conferment of certificates and souvenirs from Dr.rer.nat Senam and Dr.Ing Satoto E.Nayono, M.Eng., M.Sc. The session, then, was closed by photo group of the whole staffs of OIAP and the Darmasiswa students. (Wulan)

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