In supporting the need of affordable or even free place to learn for local communities, semi autonomous unit of IPA Mengajar HIMAIPA UNY officially opened their program offering free place to learn named “BSO IPA mengajar” on Thursday, March 7th in Pringwulung, Condongcatur, Depok, Sleman, D.I. Yogyakarta.

In the opening of the program, Siti Zubaidah Sya’bani, as the head of BSO IPA MENGAJAR, declared that the program of BSO IPA MENGAJAR is built as a means to facilitate elementary and junior high school students to have a free place to learn without being charged.
Siti further added that the program of BSO IPA MENGAJAR will be able to help and facilitate young students in understanding and comprehending materials given school. The learning process will take place every week accompanied with students from Natural Sciences Education, UNY. With this program, students are taught various learning activities in a very enjoyable way.

She expressed her gratitude to the local communities in the village of Pringwulung of their continuous help and support in the opening of the program as well as their undying enthusiasm for the program. “Thank you to all the people here for the very warm welcome, especially for the head of Darussalam Pringwulung Mosque who have supported and helped us since the start of the program.” she said.

During the opening ceremony, the inauguration of the program was marked by the handover of the symbolic “nasi tumpeng” from the head of BSO IPA MENGAJAR to the head of Natural Science Education Department, Dr. Dadan Rosana, followed by the symbolic handover from the head of Natural Science Education Department to the head of Darussalam Pringwulung Mosque.

In his opening speech, he hoped that the establishment of this BSO IPA MENGAJAR program would inspire others to conduct similar program in other areas.  “The nonprofit BSO IPA MENGAJAR program is finally open and hopefully it develops bigger in its values, where this program was initiated from the students of Natural Science themselves without any intervention from department.” Dadan said.  (IPA/witono/terj.AJN)

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