The Rector of , Prof. Dr. Rochmat Wahab, M.Pd., MA opened the “Intensive English Course 2016” intended for the YSU’s lecturers at the room 210 LPPMP YSU on Sunday, 18 July 2016. In his speech, Prof. Dr. Rochmat Wahab, M.Pd., MA expressed that in order to achieve the world class education university status, English language capability is very important. “This is very important, not only for the lecturers of English Department. Everyone must be ready to actively communicate in English, this also goes for the staffs at YSU. I am very happy. The result from the two previous training was fruitful. The participants successfully increased their IELTS score. We encourage the lecturers who already have 6.0 IELTS score band upwards to take chances at the LPDP scholarship. While for those who have not achieved the minimum score of 6.0 will get further English training,” as expressed by the Rector.

In this Intensive English Course 2016, the participants are divided into 2 big groups which are the academic writing and public speaking classes. There are 72 lecturers who take the classes. Two instructors are from the United States, namely Sally Jane Kloppe and Sandra Kay Stroo. The instructors are affiliated with USINEC (U.S./Indonesia Education Consortium). Besides that, the two instructors will be accompanied by 6 buddy teachers from the English Department as reported by the Vice Rector of Cooperation and Development, Dr.rer.nat Senam.

“I have been teaching in Japan, Thailand, Venezuela, and China. I felt that my speaking class this morning was the interactive class I have ever taught. I even did not have to ask everyone to speak in English. I do believe that this training will be exciting three weeks for us,” as expressed by Sally Jane Kloppe, the lecturer of public speaking class. While for Sandra Kay Stroo as the lecturer of the academic writing class, stated her gratitude for being invited in the “Intensive English Course 2016”. (Laksa)

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