YSU hosted 2015 Output Asian-African Students Conference, Tuesday (30/6/2015). It is a conference held in Bandung from 30 April to 2 May 2015. It was participated by numerous representations of Asian-African students in Bandung, Jakarta and Yogyakarta. 

The Cooperation Coordinator of Graduate School of YSU, Titik Sudartinah M.A. delivered her thanks to all participants. “It is a good agenda for the students. I hope it brings valuable benefits for all,” she closed.

To open, a film of 2015 AASC was shown by the representation of Young Afican Ambassadors in Asia (YAAA) Nsikan Ekwere from Bandung. It tells the history and the objectives of Asian-African Students Conference.

Six main points discussion was the main agenda of this event. They are culture, education, preneurship, media & democracy, and open source & students global networking. In addition, the representation asked the audiences to promot the output of Final Communique of 2015 AASC. 

To conclude, all audiences were delightful to participate 2015 Output AASC in YSU due to the open source and information of Asian-African Students Conference. The students continued to the event called “Bandung Spirit.” (Makan Sacko)


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