Praidson for Reading the Holy Quran


Learning Quran is a fundamental thing for all Muslims, including for those with disability. The Indonesian Central Bureau of Statistics released data that the number of deaf people in Indonesia in 2010 is estimated at 1.25 percent of Indonesia's total population, or approximately 2.962.500 of 234,2 million. The high number of the hearing impaired obviously must be followed up with more attention to their learning process, particularly learning to read the Quran in order to fulfil their duty as muslims.

There are many chapters in the study of Quran, one of which is the right way of reading the Holy Quran. In reading the Quran, the pronunciation of the letters or makhorijul must be appropriate and correct. Yusuf Yasin Mukhanif, a Gadjah Mada University student with hearing impairment, said that at some levels, deaf people have difficulty in learning to spell or read the Quran, "There is already a media that can help the hearing impaired in improving their pronunciation, namely through the mirror articulation media. However, for learning to read Quran, there is not any medium to help deaf people in pronouncing makhorijul as it is.

In line with the advancement in technology, a medium that can help enhance the ability of deaf people in learning to read the Holy Quran becomes more possible, as proven by several YSU students namely Arif Nugroho (Mechatronics Engineering Education), Jihan Ulya Mulyani (Mathematics Education), Gede Sangu Gemi and Rahmat Pudyasto (Electrical Engineering Education), and Doni Bowo Nugroho (Physics Education). They recently created a smart device named Praidson (Precious Aids Tool For Deaf Person) to help the disabled in learning the Quran specifically in reading Quran correctly.

"In this time, the people with hearing impairment learn to read the Quran with oral methods, such as by mimicking the motion of tutor’s mouth. Moreover, the method must be conducted face to face between the impaired and the tutor. The mimic should be repeated several times.

Praidson is designed portable, coupled with features supporting independent learning. With this device, the hearing impaired are expected to be able to learn reading Quran wherever and whenever.

Using mini PC Raspberry Pi 2B as the major component, this smart device has several features to assist the study of Quran, such as tajwid, makhroj, and reading the Quran. The features have been adapted to the deaf.
Currently, Praidson still continues to be developed and can only be employed by deaf people with impaired hearing level of 26-90 dB. (Public Relations of Faculty of Engineering)

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