Presentation of Study and Scholarship in Sweden by Bright Indonesia


On Wednesday (4/11/2015), the Office of International Affairs and Partnerships (OIAP), YSU had the honor to organize Study and Scholarship Presentation in Sweden. Presented by Bright Indonesia and housed in the YSU Graduate School building, this event run smoothly. Lusi Nurhayati, S. Pd., M.Appl.Ling (TESOL) as the Secretary of the Foreign Partnership OIAP delivered opening remarks while at the same time encouraging the participants to actively seek for scholarship information, especially scholarship in the foreign universities.

Attended by over 50 participants, the presentation started with the highlights of Linneaus University profile, one of the universities well-known in Sweden. Delivering the presentation was Primadi W Soerjosoemanto as the representative of Bright Indonesia. He conveyed a lot of information about Linneaus University, including courses offered in English. "There are some courses given in English, including Business Process and Supply Chain Management, Entrepreneurship, International Business Strategy, Design, and the Forest and Wood Engineering". He also informed that Linnaeus University has collaborated with IKEA, a world-wide, Sweden company manufacturing furniture.

In question– answer session, Yusuf Qardhawi, a YSU student majoring German Language Education, addressed a question, "Is there any special website about scholarship information from the government of Sweden?". Then, Primadi suggested the student to visit

At the end of the presentation, Primadi encouraged participants to fullfill the requirements of studying abroad before they register for a course in Sweden or to get a scholarship; one of which is to hold a certificate of English proficiency namely IELTS with the score of 6 or 6.5. (Wulan)

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