Plastic is the most often material used in the society. Both rural and urban societies depend much on the use of plastic, namely plastic bag. Plastic has some advantages, including light-weight, flexible, and easy to use. Unfortunately, it also has several weaknesses, as it causes abundant plastic waste. A large number of plastic waste causes environmental pollution, where plastic takes 200-400 or even 1000 years to decompose. These problems eventually motivated five students of Yogyakarta State University (YSU) to innovate by utilizing plastic waste for making pretty graduation dolls.

Those students are Luthfi Nurlaily, Kartika Bunga Nadhya Noor, Nur Siva Fauziah, Adetia Ratih Pratiwi, from Accounting Education of Faculty of Economics, and Annisa Nida Harsellenta from Counselling Education, Faculty of Education.
Luthfi said that not all plastic waste are processed according to the standard. "There are three solutions that can be done to reduce plastic waste, that are commonly termed as 3R (reduce, reuse, and recycle). However,current efforts to reduce plastic waste has not been so effective. Some of the plastic waste are indeed recycled, but others remain to be the waste and have a low value," she said.

"As a university student, we see today many graduation dolls are increasingly produced as a gift for someone graduated or completing thesis exam. We think the utilization of plastic waste can be done in this way, by making graduation dolls from plastic waste that we call Bondastik. The plastic waste will be the substitute of dacron, which is commonly used as inserts in a doll, “She added. With this unique and innovative work, the five students were granted fund through 2016 Student Creativity Program (PKM)in the field of Entrepreneurship. (luthfi/fadhli)

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