“By the 5th sound of the gong, we declare our support for Indonesia and Pancasila,” Prof. Dr. Marsigit, M.A said on the opening of campus introduction program for new graduate students of UNY. The program has the theme “The Challenge of World Class University in Industrial Revolution 4.0.” The university has to maintain the roles as academic institution with critical value, opening the space for discourses that promote mutual dialogue.

Marsigit support students’ active initiative to prevent radicalism in campus. “It is important not to be involved with any radical group as well as being aware, identify and report any potential spreading of radicalism in the campus,” he said. Marsigit encouraged students who find any sign of radicalism to report this problem to the lecturer, or Rector. Any quick report will help the campus to prevent radicalism spreading further.

Marsigit also gave direct message on the importance of scientific publication. Scientific publication is an important point for academics. “Your research must be published in indexed journals. By having your research published in international journal, it will be more than building personal reputation and university reputation. It will also allow your research to be read and cited by academics in the world,”he said. (ant)

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