Friday (19/1), Faculty of Education (FIP) received a guest arrival from Prince of Songkla University of Thailand. During the visit, Prince of Songkla University sent two delegates from the Faculty of Education, Associate Professor. Theeraphong Kaenin and Associate Professor Chidehanok Churngchow. The arrival of the delegation is to discuss and study related teacher education especially in terms of curriculum, teaching, and evaluation.
Delegates from Prince of Songkla University were welcomed by Vice Deans I, II, and III FIP UNY and presented some staff from the PGSD Study Program to discuss the curriculum, teaching and evaluation that has been going on. Activity begins with an introduction by both parties followed by a presentation on PGSD profile by Dr. Ali Mustadi. Further discussion between both parties. As stated by Theerapong Kaenin, Elementary Education at Faculty of Education, Prince of Songkla University Thailand is the first and largest study program in Thailand. However, the public interest that enrols in universities, in general in Thailand at this time dropped dramatically, where the rate of decline almost half of the number of recruitment / admissions in previous years. This is because the interest of prospective students to become teachers in Thailand, declined. Therefore, Theerapong tried to investigate the curriculum that has been running in Indonesia, because the interest of prospective students to become high quality teachers.
Some questions asked by delegates from Prince of Songkla University are related to general courses that must be taken by FIP students, total credits to be taken by students, elective courses (elective courses) that can be taken by students, subject specific pedagogy offered by FIP, the continuity of microteaching that has been carried out in PGSD, evaluation of learning, as well as the process of admission of new students and also the recruitment of lecturers. (yant / ant)

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