It’s time to change mindset to be successful in digital era. Teacher must be able to use various media. It's not the time for the teacher to just sit behind the desk. It will be productive for teacher to run the class through interesting activities or meaningful explanation. These statements are state by UNY Rector, Sutrisna Wibawa in the briefing for Field Introduction Practice for Professional Teacher Program stage 2 in UNY.

UNY Rector point out that professional  teacher must have four competencies namely pedagogic competence, personality competence, social competence, and professional competence. "In the field practice, teachers must be able to carry out all of four competencies,"Sutrisna Wibawa said.

Teacher has two assignments. The first is teaching. This activity will be a way to transfer knowledge to students. The second is educating values.  At this point, teacher is not only boosting Intelligent Quotient, but also developing Emotional Quotient and Spiritual Quotient. It is also important to develop students r Adversity Quotient which will make students to have full commitment and complain less. Minimum homework is important for the sake confirming of the knowledge acceptance.

Head of P4TKN UNY, Suyud said that the briefing for Field Introduction Practice for Professional Teacher Program in stage 2 has 513 participants. All of participants have completed workshop on learning tool. They will be deployed to partner schools starting from  July 29 to August 16 2019. There will be 58 school consist of 7 kindergartens, 17 elementary schools, 19 junior high school, 9 senior high school and 6 vocational schools. “Teaching Practice is the an important and strategic event to implement what has been developed in the workshop to become a professional teacher,” Suyud said (Dedy)

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