Strengthening food security and community health status is not only the responsibility of the government, but also the responsibility of each person as citizen of Indonesia. The existence of Industry Revolution 4.0 should become the momentum to gain the cooperation between the government, university, the participant on Industry and citizen to embody the growth and the increasing of competitiveness of any local food. The innovation of food which want to be done should be oriented and compete globally without revoked from its roots, which always stay on the wisdom of local potential Indonesia, and become the consumer who can choose and selection sort of local food which positively impacted in the health as the first choice, at least we can occupy food based on local potential as the host of our own country. Thus said by Prof. Dr. Mutiara Nugraheni, S.T.P., M.Si, in her inauguration speech as the professor in the field of Food Technology Science in Faculty of Engineering Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta. The speech title ‘The product development based on local flour to strengthening food security and Indonesian’s health status’ is read in front of the open Senate meeting in the Main Meeting Room of the Rectorat of UNY, Saturday (15/2). Mutiara Nugrahaeni is the 150th Professor of UNY.

This woman who was born in Bantul, 31st January 1977 said, from the availability potential aspect, Indonesia have the excellence with the food resources which really huge, either vegetable protein or animal protein which can be used optimally might be filled the Indonesian’s need of food. Now, Indonesia is the third biggest country that have biodiversity and animal. This variety which consist of 100 types of plants, bulbs and cerelia as carbohydrate source, 100 types of beans, 250 types of vegetables, and 450 types of fruits and animal. “But unfortunately, not all of the potential in Indonesia can be utilized as the source of food that needed by all of people” said Mutiara Nugraheni. Data on community consumption patterns still show low diversity, and are concentrated in carbohydrate sources in the form of grains. This lack of variety and nutritionally balanced diet makes several problems related to nutritional status and health.

The Doctor of food science from Faculty of Agriculture Technology UGM explained, The big potential of Indonesia in the carbohydrate source and protein (bulbs, cerelia, and beans) haven’t made Indonesia have enough sufficient food security based on local food. This can be seen from the increasing consumption of wheat which is imported food from year to year. The increase in wheat imports was triggered by the rapid development of flour-based types and food processing that contains gluten. It is need an effort to produce the flour which can used as any food product as the substitute of wheat, but must be developed based on local potential (bulbs, cereals, and beans). One of the effort is to make gluten-free flour based on local potential, but it contains enough starch, fat and protein to support the formation of sensory properties similar to wheat-based processed products.

The residents of Wiyoro Kidul, Baturetno, Banguntapan, Bantul stated, the domination of dependence on certain types of food must be reduced by diversification of non-rice carbolocal-based food, one of them is by developing analog rice based on Indonesia's local potential, which has good nutritional quality, has certain functions related to prevention of degenerative diseases; and supports Indonesian food security and independence. Many research has conducted to develop analog rice based on local potential in order to reduce rice consumption. One of them is analog rice. The main component of analog rice is bulbs, cerelia, and beans to increase the protein and fiber contents of the composite bulb flour. The analog rice based on local flour is expected to be one of the alternative of carbohydrate source which can strengthen the food security based on local potential. The low glycemic index to moderate and its antioxidant ability is expected to strengthen the degree of public health, especially for people who experience disturbances in glucose profile management. The product development based on local flour become one of the real action to decrease the flour consumption and rice by taking advantage of Indonesian’s local potential. The food innovation continues to be needed in developing products by modifying the process so that the products that are halal, nutritious, accepted by the consumers, safe, have a positive impact on health of those who consume them. (Dedy, Tj farrastania)

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