Artificial Intelligent (AI) will help a machine to follow human intelligence from simple to very complex task. By using AI, it is expected to have a lower error rate compared to human performance when programmed correctly because AI has extraordinary precision, accuracy and speed. This was explained by Suprapto, Ph.D., in the webinar of the Master of Electronics and Informatics Engineering Education (PTEI) Faculty of Engineering, UNY (09/04/2021).

"Apart from these advantages, the application of AI will also have a bad impact, namely, of course, unemployment where many human workers are replaced by machines," Suprapto said.
Some applications that use AI include, Machine Learning, natural language processing (NLP), expert systems, vision, speech,and  robotics.

The personal assistant feature on the I-Phone (Siri), for example, uses AI in the form of NLP to understand the language spoken by humans so that it can support user activities in operating cellphones. Then the features in other applications, for example, the product recommendation feature in e-commerce applications. The recommendations given are generated from our behavior data while using the application, studied by the system and processed into recommendations.

Meanwhile, Data Science is a science that combines statistics, mathematics, and computer science with the aim of being able to analyze data from a data set that has a very large volume or is often called big data. The development of the industrial revolution 4.0 has made the development of Data Science rapidly and is needed by almost all companies.

The entry of Data Science in all sectors increases the number of Data Science experts needed. This has made many people become interested in studying Data Science considering that everyone has the same opportunity to learn it regardless of their educational background.

This webinar also contains the socialization and promotion of the Electronics Engineering and Informatics Engineering Study Program (PTEI) by Dr. Fatchul Arifin as the Head of the Study Program. "We focus on smart technology for the development of vocational education and training. Our graduates are lecturers, researchers on both industrial and industrial campuses, designers / supervisors or program evaluators at vocational education and training, as well as designers / developers / project managers in the field of electronics / informatics engineering" Fatchul explained. (hryo, Tj.Lak)

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