"Managing sports such as basketball, badminton, soccer, bicycle racing or other sports that are collaborated with the sports industry, is indeed not easy. Everything has its challenges and art, "said Prof. Associate Dr. Mohd Salleh Bin Aman from the University of Malaya to UNY’s master degree students of Sport Sciences. Organizing sports is certainly related to the event organizer (EO). It turns out that many EOs have not utilized their potential to the fullest.

Later on,  this term developed rapidly along with the rise of sporting events associated with the development of tourist destinations. With the presence of a sports event in a tourist area, it will indirectly stretch and boost the tourism economy of the area concerned and the adjacent area. This is the domino effect of this sport-tourism. This sport tourism has begun to be seriously involved in the international sports industry. "Take for example the events of the Tour de France, Tour de Prambanan, and Tour de Singkarak. Events like that must provide huge profits and provide foreign exchange to the country,” Prof. Associate Dr. Mohd Salleh Bin Aman said.

Sports management with the management of the sports industry must support each other, so that it becomes a huge success while being able to recruit young people to become motivators and professional drafter. "This is where the young generation, especially the young generation of Indonesia, takes a role and sees the prospects and trends that are running. Not only targeting the big sport, but the sport that people are interested in right now, "he said. (ant; Tj.Lak)

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