As a new master program in the Graduate School of YSU, Master of Psychology Program continues to prepare its curriculum and thrives to accomplish its vision and mission. Therefore, the new study program held a Sanctioning Program on the Vision, Mission and Curriculum of Master Program of Psychology which was attended by various psychology experts, lecturers and stakeholders in in the Graduate School Meeting Room , on Tuesday (27/01/2015)

Yulia Ayriza, M.Si., Ph.D. as the head of the Master Program of Psychology delivered her gratitude that this meeting could be held. “Sanctioning does not always mean negative. It is held to reach agreement to run the new study program as well as to gain support from various psychology experts and stakeholders of the program. It is hoped that the meeting will contribute to the vision, missions, objectives, graduate competences and curriculum of the new master program,” Yulia said.

This meeting was also attended by Prof A. Supratiknya, Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Sanata Dharma University who shared his experience in the field of psychology. He hoped that the new master program will be able to give either practical or academic contributions to society. In addition, he stated that psychology appeared in 18th century with three main academic perspectives, namely Natural Scientific Psychology, Human-Scientific Psychology, and Critical Psychology.

From the three perspectives, he imagines a psychology learning scenario on campus. It will be started by Natural Scientific in Bachelor level, then continued by Human-Scientific in Master level and Critical Perspective in Doctoral level. It will lead to a clear learning system on each level and theoretical, practical or effective policy which supports the development of psychology and society.

Another expert, Prof. Dr. Amitya Kumara, M.S. from Gadjah Mada University, was also invited to attend this meeting and hoped that the curriculum could be designed in such a way to produce numerous competent outputs in psychology. In addition, psychology should be able to provide answers to today’s challenges. She closed her speech by saying that Psychology master program of YSU should have a typical characteristic which distinguishes itself from other psychology programs in other universities.

As part of the stakeholders, Dra. Triana Purnamawati, M.M. from Department of Education and Sports of Yogyakarta Special Territory emphasized the roles of psychology in implementing character education at school. “Juvenile delinquency is our main problem now. It is hoped that all parties related to this are able to provide such comfortable and peaceful school environment,” she closed.

Drs. Eko Nuryanto from Bureau of Employee Competence Measurement of Yogyakarta Special Territory explained that psychology is challenged to solve any recent complex problems. Therefore, counseling soft skill training is needed for employees. The meeting was closed by the discussion to arrange the Psychology Master Program’s vision, mission and curriculum. (Rb)

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