PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) Opens Opportunities for Community Service, Educational Practice and Internships for Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta Students


The Executive General Manager (EGM) of PT Pos Indonesia Yogyakarta Main Branch held an audience with Yogyakarta State University on June 23, 2022. The PT Pos Indonesia delegation led by Fahdian Yunard Hasibuan met directly with Prof. Dr. Siswantoyo, S.pd., M.Kes. as Deputy Chancellor of Planning and Cooperation, Head of the Academic, Student and Cooperation Bureau, Head of the Real Work Lecture Service Unit (KKN) and Educational Practice (PK).

The EGM of PT Pos Indonesia, Fahdian Yunard Hasibuan, stated that in Yogyakarta there are around 100 branch offices. "In the field, Pos Indonesia provides opportunities for collaboration with independent campuses and independent learning, and it is likely that it will open up opportunities for UNY students to be able to do internships at the nearest branch," he said.

Lukman as Retail Manager of Pos Indonesia that so far Pos Indonesia often accepts internships from high school and vocational students, but there are still few internship students from universities. "We hope that this can be synergized further in implementing the internship program," said Lukman.

The UNY Real Work Lecture (KKN) and Education Practice (PK) service units have generally facilitated a certified internship program that lasts for 6 months and has a value equivalent to 20 academic credits. UNY has also collaborated with SOEs throughout Indonesia, and UNY students have carried out 3 batches of internship programs. The quality of UNY students has been tested. It is not unusual if some UNY students who have completed the internship program then get the opportunity to become permanent employees at the place where the internship is carried out. (Dew, Tj.lak)

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