Rector Awards 2,328 Outstanding UNY Students


Coinciding with the ceremony in commemoration of National Education Day on May 2, 2024, the Rector of UNY gave awards to 2,328 UNY students who excel in the field of reasoning (723 students), sports (495 students), arts (620 students), and special interest (639 students). The ceremony was held symbolically at the UNY Rectorate Courtyard.

According to Arwan Nur Ramadhan, M.Pd., Expert Staff of Vice Rector for Academic and Student Affairs, this award is a form of appreciation for the hard work and achievements of UNY students for one year in the period April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024. "Hopefully this award can increase the motivation of students to perform better in the future," said Arwan.

Meanwhile, Yulianto Subagyo, S.T., Head of the Sub Directorate of Student Affairs and Achievement of UNY stated that UNY systematically seeks to develop various student potentials. "We actively conduct talent scouting for prospective students, fostering students who have potential, and organizing internal competitions. With this series of efforts, we have prepared UNY students to develop their abilities so that they are ready to participate in various external competitions. hopefully the awarding and conversion of course grades to outstanding students will further motivate all UNY students," said Yulianto. (Writer: Sudaryono, Editor: Prasetyo, Tj.lak)

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