Recycled Light Bulbs for Decoration












            The high demand for light bulbs means that more waste is about contaminating the environment. For preventing more pollution, the broken or burn-out light bulbs must be recycled. Based on that situation, some students from the Physics Education Department of Yogyakarta State University tried to recycle the broken light bulbs into painted light bulbs for decoration. Those students are Sugeng Riyadi, Ingge Septia Cahyadi, and Eza Ria Friatana. They called their products as LAKIS (an Indonesian abbreviation for painted light bulb or lampu lukis).

           From being disturbing waste, the light bulbs turn into a prospective home industry products. An LED light is added into each bulb and glass painting technique is applied to give more attractive appearance. In marketing their products, they also did a research to compare consumers’ preference for night lamp and their painted light bulbs. They found out a quite satisfactory result from the market. Due to cheaper prices, their light bulbs are more favorable to customers. In addition, their recycled bulbs used cellular phones batteries enabling them to be recharged and used all night long. (witono)

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