This year YSU organized the second sit-in program and exposure to the Philippines. Nine student delegates were placed to study at De La Salle University Dasmarinas for 2 weeks, commencing on 14 to 24 September 2015. The university is among the best universities in the Philippines that implements the concept of a green campus. Towering green trees become everyday sight. In addition, the area is clean and rubbish-free, making it pleasant and conducive as a learning spot.

De La Salle University is spread all over the world, including in Indonesia. Meanwhile, in the Philippines there are 18 campuses of De La Salle University across the country. With absolute commitment to the concept of eco-green campus, De La Salle Dasmarinas is awarded the greenest and cleanest in the national scale. The campus applies strict regulations to minimize the use of plastic for food wrap, promote a dishwasher lunch box, provide three types of dust bins and bottle recycling corner, and to practice walking habit.

The plastic bags are replaced with paper and recycled bags. Even the DLSU-D strongly imposes the use of a food box instead of plastic in the cafeteria. In addition, there are many large dust bins placed in campus corners. Three types of dustbins, completed with the description would ease the users. To complement a healthy lifestyle, DLSU-D facilitates pedestrian area which is convenient and secure. In addition, a number of health facilities and sports such as the clinic, swimming pool, a running track, a sports stadium are freely accessible to civitas academica of De La Salle University.

DLSU-D also has the same commitment with YSU to produce high quality teachers. This is what makes the DLSU-D become the destination of sit-in study program for the second time. The program provides opportunities for YSU students to be directly involved in the teaching-learning activities in the classroom. They are Rita Suryani (Mathematics/ Faculty of Mathematics and Science), Diana Prasastiawati (Geography Education/Faculty of Social Science), Sayidah Alawiyah (Special Education/Faculty of Education), Fajar Setyo Pranyoto (Health Physical Education and Recreation/Faculty of Sport Science), Yuanda Putra and Danang Waskito (Management/Faculty of Economics), Nila Wulandari (Make-up and Beauty Therapy /Faculty of Engineering), Bondan Prakoso (Electrical Engineering Education/Faculty of Engineering), and Zidnie Ilma (English Language and Literature/Faculty of Languages and Arts).

The sit in and exposure program provides a lot of fruitful experiences for the YSU students. Yuanda, the leader of the delegates, said they were not only welcomed as students, but also as a friend and brother. "We are quickly getting familiar with them, and learn a lot about the ethics of international networking" Yuanda said. Similar statement was delivered by Fajar "I found out how professors and students can work together well and build mutual understanding so that the atmosphere in the class is convenient. I get a lot of new friends here".

Prof. Marco Polo, the Sit-in Coordinator, hopes this program can impact positively not only for the cooperation between DLSU-D and YSU but also for students of both universities. The program is aimed to become the arena of academic information exchange, environmental issues, and social culture of both sides. At the end of the activities, Prof. Marco affirmed that communication has to be maintained. "Home is where the heart is set in. Thus, if you come back here (Philippines) someday, believe me, De La Salle Dasmarinas will always be your home, and Lasallian (students of De La Salle--red) will always be your brothers, " Prof. Marco stated while ending this farewell ceremony. (Zidnie/Diana)

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