On Thursday (27/8/2015), housed in Hall of Graduate School, YSU, guest lecturing took place. The event was led by a lecturer from School of Education, Flinders University, Australia, that is, Associate Professor Benjamin Wadham. Bringing up the topic of Researching Education and Culture in Changing Times, in that occasion, Prof. Wadham conveyed several significant information related with reseach in education and culture he did. Some of which were carried out in eastern part of Indonesia.

During the presentation, he discussed some basic elements in research, starting from a strategy to choose the topic, steps to follow in designing research, formulating research questions, and data gathering procedure as well. Furthermore, he also suggested couples of things regarding the approaches to choose in qualitative research, such as interpretivism, critical theory, feminism, and also postmodernism. Each of them is discussed in-depth, particularly concerning goals, rationale, methods, and application.

In addition to the abovementioned topic, in this agenda, the issue concerning change in education these days along with the impact, was also brought up. He metioned, this fast-moving change must be followed-up with upgrades in educational research, given that culture can only be passed down from generation to generation through a convenient and conducive learning environment.

A number of philosopical matters are also explained in brief, mostly related with the responsibility the teachers will bear.

In relation with the linkage between education and culture, Prof. Wadham assured that education is an umbrella where culture can be observed and explored, while allowing the interaction among several parties in a multicultural nuance. The synergy among some parties contributes positively to the development in education.

The number of participants attending the general lecturing was more than the expected. This caused the hall of Graduate School was flooded with students enthusiastic in the issue. All of those participants enjoyed the general lecturing until the last session, regardless the crowd. Tons of questions were addressed by the participants, and then each was detailed. Even more, in the end, there were some students who bombarded the speaker with questions regarding the materials he presented. This event finally ended with the giving of token of appreciation and photo session. (Titik Sudartinah)

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