The Role of SAKIP as Part of Institutional Strengthening and Good Governance


The Accountability Performance System for Government Agencies (SAKIP) is one of the means to implement good governance. SAKIP has a strategic role as a tool to improve policies and encourage government agencies to innovate and design programs and activities to achieve goals. To further promote the implementation of SAKIP, Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta held a workshop on Friday, July 22, 2022.

Head of UNY Academic, Students Affairs and Partnership Bureau, Wisnu Sunarto, S.IP, MM, said that SAKIP's role is essential in implementing accountable governance. "Based on the results of the SAKIP evaluation in 2021, which categorizes UNY into category "A", we also need to see what follow-up steps we have taken this year," said Wisnu.

Following the Planning Bureau of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Ristekdikti, UNY has issued a Rector's Regulation regarding the Definition of Strategic Plan Indicators, Management of Performance Data, and developing an Information System to assist Performance Reporting. Nevertheless, UNY must ensure that any planning initiated by the smallest work unit is still in line with the higher planning level. Furthermore, performance Agreements that refer to the Institutional Performance Agreement at the individual level will also streamline the planning process. Therefore, building a system that facilitates the collection of fast, valid, and accountable performance data is mandatory.

Meanwhile, Aris Sulistiono, S.Pd.T., M.Sc. from the Internal Supervisory Unit of UNY stated that UNY must strive so that the process of implementing the independent evaluation in the implementation of SAKIP can be synchronized between the ministry and UNY so that later the assessment of SAKIP performance is accurate. Aris also explained that currently, there had been several changes to the SAKIP assessment indicators that need further analysis so that UNY can improve institutional performance accountability (Wisnu, Tj.Lak)

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