Prince of Songkla University, Thailand has just recently delivered its presentation of study program and scholarship information and registration on site at the Faculty of Science, YSU on Wednesday (30/9/2015). Prof. Dr. Wilaiwan Chotigeat as Dean of Faculty of Science, and Prof. Dr. Anchana Prathep as Assistant Dean of Graduate Studies were nicely welcomed by the Dean of Faculty of Mathematics and Science, Dr. Hartono in the Meeting Room of the faculty. Some of lecturers and students of varying study program were reported to attend the presentation.

Through his speech, Wilaiwan thanked for the warm greeting from the faculty and for providing the opportunity to convey information about the Faculty of Science, Prince of Songkla University.
"We also offer scholarships for students and professors who want to study further in our faculty," he continued.

Meanwhile, Dr. Hartono in his speech explained that Faculty of Mathematics and Science, YSU also has made partnership with overseas universities, one of them is Yala Rajabhat University in Thailand. "The Faculty of Mathematics and Science welcomes the opportunity for building partnership with universities including with Prince of Songkla University. We sincerely thank you for this scholarship offer" he assured.

As the facilitator of the presentation, Prathep Anchana described various courses available in the Faculty of Science, Prince of Songkla University. Anchana explained that according to data, the number of students this time is around 2.828, consisting of 2.330 students or 82% taking Bachelor's Degree (B. Sc.), 184 students or 11% pursuing Master’s Degree (M. Sc.), and 31 students or 7% taking Doctoral program (Ph. D.). (witono)

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