One of the cloth Dyeing techniques is shibori. This technique originated in Japan. Fabric coloring using the shibori technique produces patterns similar to batik, especially the jumputan batik motif. This similarity has prompted the  Shibori Cloth Making Training and Competition. Each Faculty and Institution sent two participants to take part in this training and competition. The total participants this time were 22 members of the UNY DPW. This training was guided by Siti Azimah, S, Pd, and Sri Mumpuni, who are PKK teachers from SMKN 2 Godean and are alumni of Clothing Engineering, Faculty of Engineering (FT) UNY.

Fabric coloring with the shibori technique is quite simple. Several patterns can be created in one cloth with different colors according to the twist, fold, or bond results with the tie-dye method. For this Shibori fabric dye, you can use synthetic colors or natural colors.

Committee Chair Retno Damayanti said that one of the goals of this activity was to foster a love for batik cloth, which is the pride of the Indonesian nation because the Shibori cloth itself is almost the same as Indonesian batik cloth.

The winner's announcement in making Shibori cloth will be announced on December 15 at the time of an educational seminar organized by DWP UNY with the theme "Optimizing the Role of Mothers in Family Education during the Covid-19 Pandemic". (Khairani Faizah, TJ. Lak)

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