A team of Yogyakarta State University (YSU) students led by Miftahudin Nur Ihsan who belong to scientific study community “MIPA Scientist” held in Faculty of Mathematics and Science were announced winner of Student Technology and Innovation Competition (LITM) in creative industry and craft. Organizing this event was the Provincial Education, Youth, and Sport Authority, Yogyakarta Special Province.

In the Presentation Session held in early April 2016 in Faculty of Economics, Yogyakarta Technological University (UTY), Smart Batik Indonesia suceeded to appeal the judges and defeated the other four finalists who also created innovation in technology. LTIM is an annual event to disseminate new, innovative ideas, with practicability, while stimulating the rise of technology and innovation-based start ups, in the attempt to meet the vision of Yogyakarta Special Province.

Miftahudin Nur Ihsan explained that in LTIM 2016, he and his team chose Batik purposively, which he named as Smart Batik Indonesia. He intended to mantain the existence of Batik, since Yogyakarta was titled World Craft City of Batik by World Craft Council in 2014.

“As a Yogyakarta resident, I am fully driven to preserve Batik and have great expectation that this effort could gain support from the provincial government”, Ihsan said. The business has run for 8 months. The uniqueness is on the specific motives it has, for instance, education, health, transportation, economy, and MIPA (mathematics, chemistry, biology, and physics).

Ihsan has already been registered a member of National Craft Council, Yogyakarta. Smart Batik Indonesia is also listed as the foster small medium enterprise of Yogyakarta Industry and Trade Office. He makes use of social media like Facebook fan page “Smart Batik Indonesia” for direct selling. Interested customers can also contact him at +6285747070386. (witono)

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