UNY improves further cooperation programs with various international partners. One of the programs is international teaching program for student. For years, UNY and SEAMEO (The Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization) has collaborated through SEA-TEACHER Project. For SEA-TEACHER Project Batch 8 2019 Program, UNY has facilitated 2 students from Philippines to conduct teaching practice program at SD Budi Mulia Dua Pandeansari and SMP Negeri 5 Depok. At the same time, UNY has sent Sindy Oktaviani (Sociology Education) and Marta Fibriantika (Geography Education) to have teaching practice program at Pangasinan State University and University of St. La Salle.

Sindy explained that the program lasted for 30 days. The first week is used for student orientation, introduction to the atmosphere of the campus and school, introduction of curriculum, and learning methods applied by schools in the Philippines. For the second week, she have been allowed to enter classes with a mentor lecturer. On the third and fourth week, she have been deployed directly to teach in the classroom without supervision from a mentor.

The Sociology Education student added, there were differences in the educational curriculum in Philippines. At High School level, students did not receive separate Social Sciences subjects, but were integrated in Social Science subjects.  Sindy experienced changes in teaching schedules. Originally their teaching schedule was at Public School, then it was changed to teach at the University, namely in semester 1 and semester 3. "For the Sociology course it does not stand alone but becomes a sub chapter in ‘The Understanding Culture’ course" she said.

A similar experience was expressed by Marta Fibriantika. According to the K to 12 Education Curriculum of the Philippines, geography is one of the subdivisions in Social Studies at the Secondary School level. The discussion of geography material does not only cover 5 themes of geography, but also discusses human civilization which is influenced by the geographical conditions of a region. "This is a challenge for students participating in the program to be able to carry out teaching practices in the Philippines," she explained.

Having teaching practice in the Philippines gave important experience for Sindy. She must prepare her material in English and choose suitable learning method for her students. The most fun thing when teaching is to see how students there are very enthusiastic in participating in learning with foreign teachers.

Sindy further explained that in addition to gaining experience in teaching at foreign universities, she also got a new family there. In carrying out her activities, Sindy was in a group consisting of 4 people including herself. In the group, certainly not only students from Indonesia, but there are also students from Thailand and Malaysia. "In addition to new families, what is no less fun is the experience of living in other countries with different cultural conditions, languages, customs, and religions. Every weekend, International students also get orientation about Philippine culture by visiting several historic sites in the Philippines and participating in local community activities there, "she added (Eko; Tj.Lak)

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