Strengthening the Capacity of the Cawan Village Community in Starting and Developing MSMEs


The development of MSMEs in the community is one of the answers to alleviating poverty. This notion prompted the UNY student team, who conducted community service in Cawan Village, Klaten, to hold an activity called "Strengthening community capacity in the context of poverty alleviation". A total of 80 participants, including MSME owners in Cawan Village and youth groups, participated in this activity. The UNY student team invited Willa Luthfi, also known as Willa Ecobrick as a presenter. Willa shares his experiences explicitly in terms of operations to product marketing.

UNY students also distributed brochures and informative booklets on how to become an entrepreneur and a detailed explanation of MSMEs and their marketing so that people could follow directions according to the instructions in the leaflets and brochures.

"We hope that through the activities we have carried out, it can be a solution to the problems that exist in Cawan Village, namely poverty alleviation. Hopefully, the Cawan Village community can start MSME businesses and develop them to help increase income and welfare," said Aditya Wardana, team leader and a representative from UNY Cawan Berkawan 2022 community service Team. (Cawan 2022 KKN Team, Tj.Lak)

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