"We are very grateful to our Dean who has led Faculty of Social Sciences for these two periods. We feel that there has been a lot of progress made. We also thank all Vice Dean for their guidance and direction, so that we can do our tasks well. We also pray for the Dean to always be given health and hopefully this togetherness will always be closely intertwined in the times to come "Yuyun Farida, M. Biotech, the head of Administration Division of Faculty of Social Sciences, conveying a few words and mementos to all the dean leadership ranks which will end their leadership period in the next few weeks. This important message was said on the gathering held on Friday (9/27/2019) at the front yard of the Dean Building of Faculty of Social Sciences UNY.

On the same occasion, the Dean, Prof. Dr. AjatSudrajat conveyed several achievements during his leadership period. There are increasing number of student achievements, further international activities in form of visiting professor programs and many other achievements. "All these achievements are possible because of our teamwork and on this occasion I would like to thank you all," he said.

The gathering ended with a group photo of all ranks of FIS leaders with administrative staffs. Even though the event was packaged in a very simple and relaxed way but it had a family feel so that it could increase the togetherness and intimacy between the leaders and the students in Faculty of Social Sciences of UNY. (Eko)

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