Strengthening Work Culture Towards UNY Excellence


"At this age, UNY is faced with the challenge of optimizing all potential effectively and efficiently in advancing and developing educational values that can be transformed to the wider community in general and students in particular. To manifest UNY's vision, we must transform our work culture for the progress of UNY," said Prof. Sumaryanto in the opening of the 60th Anniversary Reflection Night of UNY on May 17, 2024.

Dr. dr. Probosuseno, SdPD-KGer, FINASIM, S.E., M.M. as an expert on work culture stated that work culture is an important foundation for organizational progress. "Work culture is a tradition that has been running for generations, and our job is to preserve the good, improve the less, and leave the bad. To meet the challenges and opportunities, we need collaboration, effective communication, and transformative leadership to drive positive change in the work environment," he said.

This night of reflection is not just an anniversary, but also an important momentum to reflect on the journey, strengthen commitment, and unite determination to build a superior and globally competitive UNY. (Author: Prasetyo Noviriyanto, Editor: Sudaryono, Tj.Lak)

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