On Monday (12/10/2015), several students of German Language Education had just arrived at Frankfurt am Main, Germany ; they were visiting the country as participants of Studienreise from Faculty of Languages and Arts, YSU. Joining the agenda was Sri Megawati, M.A. as the supervising lecturer.

Studienreise or study visit is one of the programs of Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD). DAAD is an institution that facilitates student exchange in particular academic activities around the world. German Language Education department YSU was honoured to get this opportunity for three times.

The visit began with a historical tour to Wartburg in Thüringen, a palace built in the middle ages. The journey continued to the city of Hildesheim. In this city, the students attended workshop on Untertitelung or subtitling a movie at the University of Hildesheim. Taking place at a computer lab, Dr Bittner taught how to translate languages using software engineering, EZTitles. For three days, the students practiced their knowledge then presented their work to be discussed in front of the class.

Next week, they visited the University of Bonn. Prof. Antweiler as Head of the Department South East Asian studies warmly welcomed the Studienreise participants. Accompanied by two Indonesian Language lecturers, Prof. Bertold Damshӓuser and Crista Saloh-Foerster, the had a discussion in the first day of in this university. They exchanged ideas about culture as well as issues on their respective countries. Next day, in different class, they joined translation class, both Indonesia – Deutsch and vice versa.

Thanks to many parties such as the students’ parents, the Office of International Affairs and Partnerships YSU, Faculty of Languages and Arts YSU, all the related lecturers, as well as DAAD lector and native speaker in German Language Education Department. "Hopefully the experience gained during their time in Germany can provide benefits and can motivate students to learn more actively so after graduated from YSU, they could continue study here," Dra. Lia Malia, M. Pd. said in her capacity as Head of the German Language Education Department. (URe.saf)

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