Added value is increasingly needed in digital era. This is important especially for those who want to upgrade and meet the need of 4.0 industrial revolution. Various new skills needed in this era. Internet of things and artificial intelligent sensor are highly needed. The future will be the time for teacher or lecturer with interactive teaching approach. Teacher will take more on counseling or mentoring role. So, it will be two way teaching approach. Without applicable added value, we will lose.  As stated by the Minister of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia, Rudiantara in the stadium generale for UNY new students at UNY Sports Hall, Monday (8/19).

In his speech entitled 'The Role of Information Technology in Producing Leading Human Resources for Indonesia', Rudiantara said that changes due to digitization technology were happening so fast. "There are many new sciences arise, new skills, new jobs with new all-round qualifications," said Rudiantara "We must anticipate and be adaptive to these changes". He revealed that in the next ten years Indonesia's economic growth will increase rapidly to become 5th  in the world. For this reason students must fill the future of Indonesia and need digital talent-based human resources. Students must also seize digital opportunities, such as creating start-up companies. We must be a fast and adaptive part of change so that we can subdue the change itself, Radiantara concluded.

UNY Rector, Sutrisna Wibawa welcomed the UNY new students as a new hope for Indonesia, an increase in the actors of change for a more advanced and glorious Indonesia. "Your arrival at UNY is manifestation of prayer and hope from parents from various backgrounds, different parts of the country, for a better future with education," said Sutrisna Wibawa. The Rector invites new students to face the world without fear or anxiety. UNY will prepare students to become mature individuals by honing soft skills and hard skills, developing knowledge with research, and being highly dedicated through devotion.

UNY Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Margana said that this year UNY accepted 7,754 students consist of 801 Diploma students, 5589 bachelor students, 1,312 master students and 151 doctoral students. "Furthermore, UNY also has 1,500 Professional Teacher Program In Position and 51 Professional Engineer Programs," Margana said. (Dedy)

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